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What to Expect When You Visit Our Dentist Office

You can expect to find the highest level of service delivered in the most caring atmosphere. Dr. Tony Kim and the entire staff are dedicated to making your visit an exceptional one. Every piece of equipment has been carefully selected to maximize dental success. The office has an IQ Air Purifier for the waiting room for maximum protection from airborne contaminants and an IQ Air Hg Vacuum for safe removal of mercury vapors released when removing amalgams. There are soft blankets and pillows for comfort and movie glasses with iPads to help pass the time. A fully stocked beverage station gives you many options for your enjoyment. Your safety, well being and comfort are our top priorities for every visit.

Initial Consultation with the Dentist

During this visit you will fill out some personal information and a health history on the computer. After filling out the required information you will be joined by the dentist, Dr. Kim, to discuss your dental needs. It’s important to let us know what you like and don’t like. This gives Dr. Kim an opportunity to see if he can help you and also a chance to see if you’d like to become a patient after discussing your needs. This time gives everybody a chance to see if a doctor patient relationship is a good fit. If so, then the next visit is the Initial Oral Exam.

Initial Oral Exam and/or Records Appointment

In this visit, we will take the necessary records for Dr. Kim to study and diagnose your case. This can include digital xrays, photographs of the teeth and smile from outside and inside the mouth, models of your teeth, and sometimes special measurements using a recording instrument called a facebow. If you’re interested in dental implants but may not have enough bone then Dr. Kim will most likely order a cone beam CT scan at a local xray lab. Dr. Kim will also do an oral cancer examination outside and inside the mouth and also screen for TMJ problems. The next step will be a thorough oral examination of the teeth and gums. He will check for damage and disease and assess the function of the chewing system. After this exam Dr. Kim will spend a short time to discuss initial findings and to answer some questions. If there are only a few dental issues to cover then a treatment plan may be finalized and discussed after this visit but for more complex treatment, Dr. Kim may need more time to study the case and may need to enroll the aid of some specialists to best plan your case. Once all the necessary data is here we can come up with a comprehensive plan.

Treatment Consultation

During this meeting, Dr. Kim will go over the treatment plan in detail and answer any questions regarding treatment. If this is a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as Lumineers or dental implant consultation then Dr. Kim may show you his plan designed on the models duplicated from your molds. This plan will address your needs and also focus on the best chance of long term success. Once you understand the plan and if you would like to proceed, all scheduling and financial arrangements can be made with the patient coordinator.

Treatment Visits

Dr. Kim is a dentist dedicated to a comfortable experience. You can pick your favorite movie off the internet and use movie glasses, get a warm blanket, and a nice neck pillow if you’d like. We use special techniques and items to eliminate the pain of shots. During the procedure, you can stop us at anytime with a simple raise of your hand. For longer all day appointments, we will arrange your meal and you may be lucky enough to receive some massage services throughout the day. An exceptional patient experience is always a top priority!