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Dr. Tony Kim is a holistic dentist who practices biological dentistry: he understands that there is a growing number of people who are concerned about the toxins present in our bodies and environment.  Holistic or biological dentistry focuses on the toxicity of materials we use and an emphasis on helping somebody achieve a healthy body by taking care of dental disease.  Unfortunately many of our dental materials do contain some substances that are controversial and potentially harmful.  Bisphenols and pthalates are common in plastic fillings (resins) and many metal restorations may contain nickel which is a metal that many people react to.  Many are also concerned about electrical currents formed between metal restorations in the mouth which may have some negative effects.  The office has metal free dentistry options which have their advantages and disadvantages.  So Dr. Kim tries to pick the materials that contain none or the least amount of these potentially harmful materials and can offer testing to find out which materials may be the best and worst for our clients.  Because the dental office has some toxic elements to it, we keep an IQ Air filtration unit running 24/7 in the waiting room to minimize airborne exposure to the airborne toxins in the dental office.  We are a mercury free and a mercury safe office.  Dr. Kim is also a student of occlusion.  Bite problems can lead to muscular problems, stress, tension, headaches, earaches and other problems.  He is well trained to look at the overall dental health and to see how that could be affecting your systemic health.  If you’re looking for biological dentistry then come for a free consultation at Dr. Tony Kim’s mercury safe Honolulu office.

Dr. Kim uses the IAOMT protocol for safe mercury filling removal.

  1. Use of protective gear, non latex rubber dam, oxygen source (as needed), saliva ejector under the dam.  This helps protect the patient from being exposed to mercury vapors and mercury debris.
  2. IQ Air Dental Hg vacuum, this large vacuum minimizes inhalation of mercury vapors.  It’s the strongest unit of it’s type on the market now.
  3. Specialized techniques to minimize vapor release when removing the amalgam (cut and chunk).

Here’s a video from Tom McGuire DDS who is one of my mentors in biological dentistry.  He’s an active member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a group I’ve been a member since 2010.

Dental Materials Compatibility Testing.

  1. We have a few companies to choose from testing the blood against many types of dental materials to figure out the most compatible.  It can be beneficial to know which materials have a higher chance of causing reactions to you before any dental work is done.  It’s one of the special services offered in biological dentistry.
  2. Could be helpful for those clients who have many sensitivities to materials. Dental materials are formed from many different substances and good labs can test for virtually all the known dental products available.
  3. This involves a blood test. If you don’t have a health care provider that can help you with the blood draw, we can help guide you to somebody who will.
  4. There are two main companies that we can use. Biocomp Labs and Clifford Consulting and Research.
  5. These tests will allow your holistic dentist to pick the restorative materials that are least reactive to your system.  There are certain materials that are generally more biocompatible than others but sometimes the results from these tests will surprise us.  It’s really the ultimate way to figure out what materials suit you the best.

Oral Bacterial DNA Testing

  1. Can find out what sorts of bacteria are present so we can customize treatment to best treat that bacteria.  Some bacteria are very difficult to get rid of and require special antibiotics to treat them.
  2. Helps us gauge the effectiveness of some treatments and body’s ability to heal after treatment.  If a follow up test shows that the bacterial levels are still high then additional treatment and possibly different approaches may be necessary.
  3. This testing is an important part of our treatment of gum disease.  We find some very harmful bacteria more often than not which are resistant to certain antibiotics.  It’s very helpful to know if they’re present before treatment is started.
  4. Most dentists both holistic and traditional should be careful not to over prescribe antibiotics.  One of the reasons there are so many resistant bacteria these days is from overuse of these medications.  However, if the bacterial test shows some aggressive strains of bacteria, sometimes the best course of action is antibiotics.  If they are recommended for you please be aware that this is one of the times that it’s really needed.
  5. Shifting the population of bacteria in the mouth to a less acidic mix usually requires a change in diet and we recommend consulting with a naturopathic doctor, medical doctor with a strong nutrition background, nutritionist, or any other health care provider who can help gauge what changes will be necessary to help improve the gut bacteria.

Ozone Therapy (Not Currently Available at Office!)

  1. Ozone is a very powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal gas and can destroy very resistant spores and prions.
  2. Can be used to kill bacteria in infections in the mouth and those that live in cavities. When more bacteria are destroyed then it gives the body a better chance to recover. And if cavities are caught at the earliest stages, if the bacteria are destroyed and the teeth are remineralized, then sometimes a filling or restoration can be avoided. It is an important part of minimally invasive dentistry and is one of the most conservative treatments because tooth structure removal is minimized.
  3. Helps kill additional harmful bacteria for root canals. The main cause of root canal failure is reinfection of the tooth.  The better disinfection that can occur when the root canal is done the better chance of long term success.  There are studies that show the additional effectiveness of ozone use and we’ve attached a few for your review.
  4. Ozone can be placed either from direct gas infiltration or mixed with water (ozonated water).  There is also ozone treated oils that can be used to treat sores and wounds.  Depending on what condition needs treatment you may have different modes of ozone treatment.
  5. Ozone gas is safe.  It can be irritating for the lungs and mucous membranes but there are precautions taken and the concentrations used for treatment are in the safe range.  There are no side effects so it is a useful tool for holistic dentists.

Laser Dentistry for Periodontal (Gum) Disease – LANAP

  1. The Periolase is the only FDA approved laser for treatment of gum disease.  It can treat early to severe cases with much less discomfort than traditional treatments and surgery.
  2. Can be used at non-surgical levels too to help destroy bacteria in gum disease.  The laser can destroy the bacteria living in the areas that you can’t reach at home when brushing and flossing.
  3. At surgical settings can create new connective tissue attachment, something difficult or nearly impossible to achieve with other methods.  And although not as predictable, sometimes new bone can be created using this laser technology.
  4. This laser can also be used to help failing implants.  So if you have a dental implant which you’ve been told is going to be lost soon, come see if the LAPIP protocol can help you save your failing implant.

Metal Free Restorations and Metal Free Biological Dentistry

  1. The different metals can cause galvanic currents in the mouth.  It’s the equivalent of having a mini battery in the mouth. What are the effects of that?  The body uses electrical currents to transfer information so it’s conceivable that some of these currents can have effects on the body.  The electrical currents can also play a part in corrosion.
  2. With the newer ceramics, metals do not have to be used in most cases.  We use ceramics whenever possible to avoid the creation of these electric currents.
  3. Most holistic dentists will be avoiding metallic restorations but sometimes they may be necessary.  So if you need a solution with the maximum strength due to repeated breakage in the past then it may be better to use the strongest materials instead of dealing with continual problems.  A discussion with your holistic dentist will be helpful.

Here is a fun video which shows the battery effects from different metals used in dentistry:

Natural Home Care Products in Biological Dentistry

  1. Dr. Kim’s holistic office carries a line of professional products that are non-toxic and highly effective.
  2. If you want some fluoride alternatives, you can research xylitol, essential oils, baking soda, and herbal powders.  In fact, you can probably find toothpastes will all those ingredients.
  3. There are so many different products on the market now it’s impossible to screen them all.  Usually sites like will have reviews from many people who’ve tried the products you’re considering.  When in doubt, feel free to bring your product in for us to look at.
  4. Some people are interested in oil pulling, there actually is some research that supports the benefits of oil pulling.  If you want to use this method, I still recommend daily brushing twice a day.
  5. We have some pastes with fluoride and for those who are very prone to developing decay constantly, we may still recommend some fluoride based products.  We also know that fluoride can help reduce sensitivity.  There will be alternatives but it may be difficult to determine the effectiveness on you.  Just know that because we know the potential harmful effects, we won’t just recommend it for anybody.  I’ve linked a study below that just shows one of the potential problems of too much fluoride exposure in children:

Harvard Study Shows High Fluoride Exposure Can Lower IQ in Children

Collaboration With Your Existing Natural Health Care Providers

  1. I’ve worked with anti-aging medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and other holistic providers.  If you have specific health concerns then I love to communicate directly with other like minded health practitioners in order for getting best results for you.  Many of these doctors recommend biological dentistry vs traditional.
  2. If you don’t have a holistic minded primary health care doctor then we can help direct you to one.  We know and work with many already.  If you love your holistic doctor then we appreciate the information because we’re always looking for great doctors to refer other people too.

So if you’re interested in holistic or biological dentistry in Kaneohe, Hawaii then contact Tony Kim DDS at the Dental World Kaneohe.  He’ll go over your options to fix your teeth in the most biocompatible and safe way possible.