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Dr. Tony Kim understands that for many people going to the dentist is a terrifying ordeal. Sometimes childhood traumatic events at the dentist can permanently scar them. Even after finding a nice and caring dentist, sometimes the emotional damage is so great that dentistry is still is a horrible thing. Here at the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii – the Specialty Group, we have a few things to make our client more comfortable such as movie glasses, soft blankets and pillows, and a staff dedicated to patient comfort.  Even with this level of pampering at our dental spa, if the thought of just stepping through our door still terrifies you then maybe sedation dentistry is the perfect solution. We offer several different levels and types of sedation services.

We can prescribe medication beforehand that you take before the appointment to take the edge off of the fear and sometimes may make you feel drowsy. However, you need a driver to take you to and from the appointment and you are still aware of the treatment.

Sometimes the addition of nitrous oxide can further relax a fearful patient and combined with the above mentioned medication can increase the calming effect.

If you just want to be completely asleep and want to “wake up” after all the dental treatment is done then we can call in an anesthesiologist. They can safely put you in a deep sleep and monitor your vitals while Dr. Kim does his dentistry. This option is nice because Dr. Kim can just focus on his work and the anesthesiologist can just focus on the patients well being during the procedure.

We don’t want to have fear preventing somebody who has dental problems from getting the help they need and deserve. There is also no judgement when patients have not seen a dentist in many years. We offer techniques here at our dental spa such as sedation to help those patients who have been too frightened to see a dentist for a long time. Once trust is built, we like to work together with patients to start coming in for maintenance visits too, sometimes with sedation on those visits too.  Sedation dentistry allows people to get the treatment they need.

Contact us if you have any questions about the different types of sedation available.