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“I broke my front tooth in a work related accident.  It was such a scary moment to be in pain and have a broken front tooth.

Dr Kim was able to fix it and get me out of pain.  The tooth looks so great people can’t even tell which one I broke.  Dr Kim is very professional, kind, quick, courteous and pain free.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs any kind of dental treatment.  I was very impressed with how great the tooth came out.  He is very good at cosmetic dentistry and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone out there.”

-Peter M.(another dentist)

“If you have chosen to go here, congratulate yourself.  You have found the cream of the crop. The amazing Dr. Tony Kim.

We have had Dr. Kim as our dentist in So Cal for several years now.  And his leaving to move to Honolulu to receive further training was absolutely traumatic. It is rare to find such a fine doctor and so difficult to replace. Thankfully, he is very loyal to his patients, so much he has returned to his old office each month for special appointments. I feel safe in his hands and am just as loyal right back at him.

We found Dr. Kim after going to another excellent dentist for many years (an obscenely long drive for us, but necessary).  After tiring of the drive and hair-raisingly scary LA freeways, we knew it was time to find someone just as good, but closer to home.  Easy to say, but a very hard bill to fill.

So here is how I officially met him.  All I can say is, we liked sushi, him too.  So friend him, then just stalk him. Dirty little secret. You will know…just look for frequent check ins.  Aloha Cones, maybe?  We accidentally met several times socially at our mutually appreciated sushi spot before realizing that some kind of divine intervention was going on here. This was meant to be our future dentist (you’ll know too).

Mr. B is well known in the best of dentistry circles for his fragile teeth, massive dental bills, and now gorgeous implants. His expenses could have been a nice retirement package for many of us (I am not really kidding). When a dental emergency arose for Mr. B, I had to see Dr Kim in action, so I came along for the ride.

Turns out, he seriously impressed us both. I became his patient as well, and our adult kids and families have followed suit.  After having experienced some really slip shod dentistry in the past, I must say, the technology he uses is impressive, his thoroughness, beyond anything I have ever experienced. And if he determined a need for other specialties, this already highly skilled dentist has no qualms about referrals.  He is quite well connected. Definitely a plus.

His extreme efforts to make us at ease, comfortable and pain-free is a wonderment. Even our littlest family member, 2 year old Drew, grandson extraordinaire, had a beautiful experience, no tears.

His holistic approach to dentistry and general health has been the crowning moment and the definite deal sealer.  And please do check out the special products he sells in his office. As a diabetic, I appreciate his excellent, sugar free products, including SF lollipops for the kids, breath mints, toothpaste, mouthwash, and ayurvedic oral pulling rinses. I have no doubt his new office is just as special and beautiful as the one he left behind.

Hey…you might even start looking forward to dental appointments…..and that is not wrong. You are so lucky, Honolulu. Count your blessings!”

-Wendy B.

“As a visitor to the Islands needing help for my tooth pain, I needed to find trusted dental help, and fast. I knew I may need at least one, possibly 2 root canals and I was told I had up to 8 – count them – 8 cavities that I may need to have addressed at a recent appointment in my home state of Alaska. This did not seem to make sense to me when I had passed my prior appointment 1 year before with a clean bill of health. I started looking around Oahu and was told I needed to coordinate with a local dentist as well as with an endodontist, which was discouraging since I was not from the area and had received no outside recommendations.

After calling around, I fortunately came to Dr. Tony Kim’s office at Dental Day Spa of Hawaii and was greeted by Dr. Kim himself. I had submitted my X-rays via the My Medical Vault service and he was able to review them and give me an estimate. The best part? He told me that we would take a look and could coordinate any necessary care and that, if necessary, additional work would be able to be handled ON-SITE!

Dr. Kim is an outstanding dentist, and he and his office staff provide concierge-level attention to any and all, including very personalized attention before, during, and after care. After returning home to Alaska, I found that Tony Kim’s bill was HALF of what it would have been back home, and he confirmed my care needs as being far less extensive than what had been falsely quoted to me by a local Alaskan dentist (or, should I say, “dental mill”).

A dental colleague who looked at my teeth here in Alaska following Tony Kim’s work had a hard time identifying which tooth had actually been repaired!  That surely must be a reflection on his years of experience in the competitive Southern California market, which can only be a game-changer in the Hawaii market. Kama’aina and visitors – go see Dr. Tony Kim if you have any dental issues (or, better yet, BEFORE you develop any).  Your mouth, as well as your bank account, will thank you.”

– Kamran J.

I was going to email you both to share and tell you how wonderful my experience was at Dental Day Spa.

You certainly made me feel welcome with your lovely smile and positive energy (Jayvee, my assistant).  Such great customer service.

Dr. Tony was amazing, the best dentist I have ever had.  I was so impressed with his kind and helpful personality.  He is also a world class dentist and I hold him in the highest regard.

Thank you both so much for making my experience so enjoyable and rewarding.  Plus the result is fantastic!

Thank you so much.

– Darryl P. (from New Zealand)


Dr. Tony Kim is in another universe of quality care, resources and environment from other biological dentists I have been to. I am so grateful that my naturopathic physician Dr. Steelsmith referred me to him.   He made me an affordable (metal-free) porcelain crown for my #18 molar.  He responded promptly to my many health questions about materials and ingredients giving honest and sound advice. We are fortunate to have him in Honolulu. The Dental Day Spa itself is the finest dental office I have ever been in. Spacious, comfortable and nicely decorated just like a spa with wonderful calming music. Thank you Dr. Kim and staff for making a tough time into a terrific one for me. I am pleased and happy to have you as my new dentist. Paula Mantel, Hawai’i resident since 1981.

– Paula M.



“I basically had given up trying to find a dentist and stopped going to the dentist for 3 years because of it. I eventually broke one of my crowns and it was hurting so I was forced to find someone who would work on it. I went to 2 other places before landing at Dr. Kim’s office. I can proudly say I found a new dentist and office that I LOVE.

The first thing I was looking for was someone that followed the proper safety protocols for safe mercury removal from fillings. I found on their website that they did, so I called an explained my current situation with hesitancy to be x-rayed and lack of trust with dentists ordering procedures that didn’t need to be done. (an experience 2 other members had with one dentist).

I showed up to my appt. I loved the two office girls, we connected and that was great. The dentist Dr. Kim spent at least 40 min explaining my options for treatment, which for me was the deal breaker and why I decided to receive treatment there. I also like that he’s a holistic dentist but not over the top about it either. Like Buddha says, “the middle way”. I now have a fixed tooth and decided I’ll go ahead and get all the mercury out of my mouth at their office as well as a night guard I’ve needed to replace desperately for years.The office is very nice and clean and staff is great. I highly recommend their office to anyone.”

-Zia B.

“I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s dental practice now for over a year and a half, and cannot praise him and his staff enough for all the positive experiences I’ve had during each and every visit. From consultations, to scheduling an appointment (sometimes they can get me in same day), to requesting pre-auth estimates, and not to mention all the quality dental work (exams, cleanings, crowns) I’ve had performed here, they have always gone out of their way and above and beyond my expectations to ensure I was comfortable, well-informed, and that my overall health (not just my teeth and gums) was a priority to them. Out of the 15 or so dental offices I’ve visited throughout my life, this place is hands down my favorite. I highly recommend this place for those of you who hate going to the dentist and have been searching for the best possible dental experience available.”

-Anthony C.

“I stumbled across Dr. Kim’s office while looking for another one that I was referred to, and I am happy that I did. Out of 5 previous dental offices that I’ve been to, this is the first where I don’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of. Dr. Kim and his staff are very kind and helpful. He is social and personable unlike other dentists I’ve seen. I am happy that I found him and I highly recommend his office.”

-Adrianna A.

“I have a huge fear of going to the dentist and have issues with them being able to numb up my teeth/gums. So i have tended to not go to them through fear of pain.

Everyone at the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii is outstanding and go out of their way to help in any way they can to relax and reassure me of what they are going to do and do whatever they can to minimize any pain I may feel.

An example of the little things they do is…I have a gag reflex issue especially when I have to have things put in my mouth, like the slides in I had today, so they could take X-rays of my bite.

The assistant got another assistant to stand by the button they press to take the X-ray, so she could quickly position everything, then she would put the material in my mouth and literally ran out the room as the other lady pressed the button to take the X-ray, she would then run back in and quickly remove it and prep again for the next one. All the time asking me if I was ok.

You walk in and any of the staff that are there always say Hi Mark, no checking in, no board to sign, just sit down on the comfortable chairs or sofas. As other staff see you they also say Hi Mark. They don’t jump on you immediately to start talking payment/insurance, they wait for you to ask about it if you decide on a procedure, no pressure. They are not like a factory line when you go in, they are very personal, very caring and tell you everything you need or want to know. No hard selling goes on here!

I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

-Mark W.

“If one is looking to be just a number at any average dental office, then you could go there. If one is looking for a holistic dentist, well knowledgeable, compassionate, calm and empathetic dental office, Dr. Kim’s office is the place to call and go. They are worth the wait for the excellent care received. I am usually get very anxious when I think of a dental visit. All staff especially hygienist were all pleasant. She was calm and spoke soft to me while I was getting a crown on my molar. They allowed me to listen to my ipod. Yes there scheduling is tight, BUT they ARE worth the wait.

A holistic dentist is hard to find. I researched many in the United States and I was willing to travel to get scene by one. I chose Dr. Kim based on the knowledgeable staff. I was persistent with many holistic dental offices and many seemed unknowing as to the procedures and some seemed not to care about my needs or wanted to know me. Now my whole family will be scene by Dr. Kim DDS.

He suggests preventative measures to take and suggests a healthy lifestyle. We live healthy and this dentist fits right in with us. As much as I like him, I hope not to have to go back to much. However, we are relieved to know that we are able to go to a conscientious and detail oriented dentist.


-Shannan O.

“Dr. Kim is a thorough, caring, and professional dentist. He and his staff take the time to sit down and explain everything they are doing or will need to do and why without making you feel as though they are in a hurry. Dr. Kim and his staff immediately set you at ease with their warm and caring nature. I was most impressed with how thorough my first visit was with a detailed check for gum recession, tooth decay, cancer, and the usual x-rays. Dr. Kim took the time to listen to my concerns and priorities and came up with the best plan of action based on what I had said (a dentist who listens).

I had three problem root canals from previous dentists (can you tell I’m a regular at the dentist office) that other dentists looked at and could not find a problem with, but Dr. Kim was able to identify the problem and present an affordable and reasonable solution. He works with the best lab for crowns!

The dental office is clean and sanitary. The equipment used is professional and in working order. I feel that Dr. Kim is a dentist you can trust and I recommend him to everyone I know!”

-Karisa B.