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Q: Do you accept dental insurance at Dental World Kaneohe?

A: Dr. Tony Kim is not a provider for HDS insurance. You can still use your insurance, we will generate the paperwork for you so you can send it to your insurance company. In these instances the insurance company may send our clients the check directly. However, many people feel that although we are not preferred providers they still want to come here for the service and expertise offered.

Q: What is a cosmetic dentist?  Every dentist says they’re a cosmetic dentist.

A: All dentists know how to prepare a tooth for a porcelain veneer or crown. However, many dentists may have difficulty in successfully treating difficult cosmetic dentistry due to the complexities involved. There is no acknowledged specialty of cosmetic dentistry by the American Dental Association but many including myself feel that maybe there should be a specialty. There are so many unique challenges and techniques involved in creating beautiful and successful smiles that it takes many years of advanced training and experience to become an accomplished cosmetic dentist. Make sure when selecting a cosmetic dentist for you that you see their credentials and look at they’re before and after photos. Now with the popularity of social media you can look at review sites such as Yelp to see if they have many satisfied or dissatisfied clients.

Q: Is the office wheelchair accessible?

A: There is handicap parking in the building and elevator access to the 3rd floor.  Our dental operatories have plenty of space for wheelchairs.  We have quite a few clients who use wheelchairs or walkers.


Q: Is there parking available and do you validate?

A: There is a parking lot at Dental World Kaneohe.

Q: Do you charge for consultations?

A: We offer complimentary consultations to visit the office and to speak with Dr. Kim. You’ll have a chance to discuss what sort of dental problems you’re facing and you should have plenty of time to ask questions. If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry then you can bring photos of smiles that are appealing to you.

Q: Will my procedure hurt?

A: There are a lot of things that can be done to minimize discomfort. For example, we use a custom pre-numbing gel before injections, we don’t mind stopping the procedure for more anesthetic if a patient starts to feel something, we have movie glasses and headphones to provide distraction, and we have a staff dedicated to delivering the most comfortable dentistry possible here at Dental World Kaneohe.

Q: Do you make just regular dentures? I’m not ready for or can’t afford dental implants.

A: Sure, we pride ourselves on making realistic but beautiful smiles with dentures. If somebody wants dental implants later we can always help them when they’re ready.

Q: I really like my current dentist but he/she doesn’t do some stuff you do. Can I just get a procedure from you without switching completely?

A: Sure, I’m not here to try to take away patients from a dentist they already know and trust. If you just need a specific procedure done, come in for a consultation to see if we can accommodate your request. I can always transfer notes to another dentist to tell them what we did here.

Q: You mention that some patients need special scans done. How does that work?

A: If you are interested in dental implants or want to start Invisalign then you should visit Cor Imaging lab at 1441 Kapiolani Blvd., Ste. 911, Honolulu, 96814. Their phone number is (808) 951-5551. Dr. Lee is a dental radiologist and is an expert in scanning technologies. Once your scan is complete let Dr. Lee know that Dr. Tony Kim will need a copy of the scan.