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Mission Statement of Tony Kim DDS

Dr. Kim’s dental office is dedicated to help guide his clients to exceptional oral health. By creating beautiful smiles and bringing health to diseased teeth and gums, we can help our patients on their road for holistic well being with improved self esteem and minimizing some risk factors for systemic disease. Our comprehensive adult restorative practice can help rehabilitate those with serious dental health and cosmetic dentistry problems.

We encourage and help our patients focus on addressing their oral problems with long term solutions versus short term fixes. We also educate and arm our clientele with the tools and techniques to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. With compassion and the necessary aids we can help those who’ve been scarred by previous dentist experiences and show them that dentistry can be done in a better and more comfortable way.

Dr. Kim’s faith in God shows him that all people deserve to be treated fairly and with kindness. People with severe dental problems will not find judgement and ridicule but a chance at a fresh start to have a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile.

Our clients should expect exceptional and compassionate dental care along with a lifelong partner in health.