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The first thing people notice about you is your smile. No matter how complex the issue, Dr. Tony Kim has given many people an amazing new smile. It's your time now. Visit us today!

Gum Disease - Full Makeover

This person was in danger of getting full dentures due to her gum disease.  She got laser gum surgery which made her teeth strong enough for me to give her the smile she always wanted.

Cosmetic Laser Gum Sculpting

This young woman saved up money for veneers before her mom recommended she come see me.  We ended up doing some laser gum recontouring which gave her the smile she wanted and saved her thousands of dollars!

Small Teeth/Gaps - Veneers

She had a great smile to begin with. But her small side teeth always bothered her.  Now with a couple veneers she has her smile of her dreams.  Just in time for her wedding photos!

Implant Teeth - Fixed or Removable

This woman had a denture which she hated wearing. With implants, we were able to make teeth that were secured by implants and gave her back her smile and chewing ability.

Severe Decay & Missing Teeth - Makeover

Sometimes cavities can really destroy our teeth and smile.  We worked with this gentleman to stop the decay issues and were able to fix the damage and give him a new smile. Years later he's still doing awesome!

Natural Looking Cosmetic Dentures

Sometimes implants are not a good option for various reasons.  A good set of dentures can still look fantastic and help rebuild self confidence.  We all had tears of joy after unveiling her new smile...

TMJ Pain - Makeover

There are times when an improper bite can lead to TMJ pain and migraines.  I love having the chance to not only to improve someone's horrible TMJ pain, but also give them the smile of their dreams at the same time.  In many TMJ cases, the new smile is just an added bonus which comes while fixing the pain.

Same Day Implants

Accidents can occur to any of us.  A fall broke her front tooth beyond repair, even after a root canal and a rebuild.  She came to me asking about implants, we removed the tooth and placed an implant in the front tooth the same day.  Now after finishing, you can't even tell which tooth is the implant!

No Jaw Surgery Smile

The gentleman was told he would need jaw surgery to correct his bite.  With proper planning and design, we were able to correct his bite without invasive jaw surgery.  He loves his new smile and the ability to bite into a sandwich now!

Real people. Real results.

Who loves dentists? Certainly, I didn’t, growing up, and up until I landed at Dr. Kim’s dental chair. I was in pain, desperately in search of relief & solutions. Since I didn’t like dentists & feared them, I never ask, never questioned procedures, heck, most dentists don’t go out of their way to tell you their game plan anyway, discuss long term effects, etc. My prejudice about dentists slowly turned a 360° After a series of consults with Dr. Kim. He was very patient with me, took time to explain options and knows very well that the teeth is very much connected to the rest of the body and its symptoms of pain may reflect the overall health of the person. His practice is holistic and is knowledgeable as well on topics such as food, effective probiotics, chiropractic care, etc! His staff is very caring & friendly, we feel welcomed and at home each visit. You will never feel hurried, that you gotta get out the door even when there are patients waiting to be seen.
I live in Makakilo but I travel thru H-1 traffic to get (to Kahala) dental care from Dr. Kim. Settling for nothing but the best as I have experienced quality care for the first time ever. Mahalo, Dr. Kim, Soledad, Cheryl and the rest of your staff for topnotch service!

- Jo Ann I.

Thank God for Dr. Kim and his amazing staff!!! I was referred by my naturopath to see Dr. Kim to remove my mercury fillings. Because there is a safe way to remove them she only trusted Dr. Kim to do it the right way.

I also told Dr. Kim that I was suffering with TMJ and had seen 2 other dentists prior to seeing him. I pretty much had given up the notion that a dentist could help me and I was resigned to the fact that I would be in pain every time I chewed! Dr. Kim took the time to listen to me and I really felt his compassion for my situation. Finally someone not only understood my pain but he was going to help me! With every visit he adjusted my bite and worked his magic!

Today I am mercury free and Hallelujah I can chew without pain!!!  I appreciate his professionalism, his knowledge, and all his modern day technology ...
But just as important I am grateful for his compassion!

Thank you Dr. Kim, Soledad, and Staff!!! : )

- Colleen H.

Cue the soothing nature music. Lavender aromatherapy. Neck pillows. Blankets. Hot towels after each appointment. I thought I scheduled myself for the dentist, instead, it turned out to be a spa - a dental spa.

For awhile I was seeking a cosmetic dentist to enhance my smile. I was always self-conscious of my upper lateral incisors because they were basically underdeveloped and noticeably smaller than the rest of my teeth. My boyfriend recommended Dr. Kim so I decided to schedule a consultation with him. From the moment I stepped into Dr. Kim's office I knew I was going to be in good hands.

Dr. Kim is an artist. He is a perfectionist who pays attention to detail (the type of detail I've never noticed about my own teeth!) including the shape, texture, and color and translucency of my teeth. He explained what he was doing during and made sure I was comfortable. He is gentle, thorough, and will work to ensure you are happy with the end result.

Amazing doctor AND great staff?! You've hit the jackpot. I know I did. This welcoming office will diminish your fears of going to the dentist. They are caring, accommodating and strive to make you feel comfortable throughout your experience from the moment you walk through their door. Each one of my experiences at this office has been a positive one and I couldn't be any happier with my smile makeover!

- Joanna M.

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