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Welcome to the office of Dr. Tony Kim! We just had a couple of awesome patient experiences. One client had a smile makeover and told us that she found herself smiling a lot more and found herself to be more social than usual at a dinner party. She mentioned how happy that made her feel. We also just saw a person who flew in from another island. He had some poor experiences with dentistry which made him avoid getting treatment he needed to be healthy and to have a smile that matched his handsome face. By discussing what he wanted and how we could help him, he really felt at ease and got started with his treatment the same day! We were able to do procedures which started him on the road to health. He mentioned how comfortable he was here and that how this felt like ohana to him. He can’t wait to finish the rest of his treatment and we’ll maximize the times when he flies in. And we had another client who has a very strong gag reflex. She knew this and this fear really made it difficult for us to get started with some treatment. However, using a team approach to make her comfortable, she was able to finish the impression without even gagging! She was very happy and we’re proud of her for overcoming the challenges. I also had a patient who has large tori (bony bumps in the mouth near the tongue) who’s always had painful impressions because the trays would hit the tori and cause tremendous pain. I custom trimmed a few trays to avoid these tori and she was able to get her first set of pain free impressions ever!

When we see happy patients who appreciate the individualized care that we give each person, it really motivates us and reminds us why we love our jobs. If you know that you need some serious dental work but are just too afraid to get started, give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation. No pressure, no gimmicks, we’ll give you the time to sit down to talk about your needs, goals and if we can help you achieve those. If you’re self conscious because you don’t really like your smile, stop by and see what your options are. Improving your smile can be a truly life changing event, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. And if you have special needs and problems you’ve experienced at other offices, stop by to see if we can help you overcome some of the challenges. We look forward serving you!