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Come See Me To Maximize Your HDS Delta Dental Insurance Benefits!

Dental insurance can be confusing!  We have the ability and desire to help you maximize your Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) benefits for your dental needs.  You may not know but HDS insurance can sometimes help in cosmetic dentistry and dental implant cases.  There are specific situations in which this can happen and it depends on the specific HDS plan that you have.

We’re conveniently located in Kaimuki and offer validated parking in the underground structure so don’t worry about street parking or not being able to find a parking spot!

You can check out my Bio if you’re interested to see my training.

I offer complimentary consultations if you want to check out the office or you’d like to meet me in person before deciding if you want to join our dental ohana.  You can check out my reviews on Yelp in advance to see some nice things that people have said about the office.  Of course, if you’re busy and don’t have the time to do a free consultation you can call the office at schedule an examination directly.  That will be quickest way for me to start addressing your dental needs.  I hope to see you soon, mahalo!