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Contact Me To Discuss Possible Solutions To Your Dental Health Problems

I know that you may have a lot of questions about your own dental situation but are not sure who to trust.  That’s why I offer free consultations so that you have a chance to ask any questions you want and have a chance to meet us in person before committing to anything.  I really enjoy helping people achieve dental health and get the smile they’ve always wanted. And we know you may be nervous so feel free to bring a loved one with you and we promise we’ll be attentive and there will be no judgement passed, everybody needs to start somewhere in their health!

Because there are many procedures that I perform, I’m including a link here to my Homepage.  That way you can hopefully find the information you’re looking for.  There’s a Before and After Photo Gallery section covering a variety of dental techniques.  I’m also working on a Blog with some reviews on some dental products and covering various dental topics.

Here is a short Bio for those who may be interested.

If you’re interested in holistic or naturopathic topics, here is a link to my Biological Dentistry page.

I’m excited to show a link to a Virtual Tour of the office because I know some people like to see an office before they visit.  I take pride that the office is very clean, beautifully decorated, and is very spacious which allows plenty of space in the operatories for wheelchairs or for loved ones who want to be in the room.

You can read some Testimonials on my homepage but I’m blessed to have quite a few people who like the office on Yelp.  I believe Yelp is the next best thing to a personal referral from a loved one or trusted associate.

Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my content!  If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation then send me a message through this site.  Don’t worry, there’s no sales tactics or pressure for you to do anything.  You’ll have time to sit down and talk about your needs and concerns in a caring atmosphere.