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Dr. Kim Offers Free Consults Via Skype Or Email.  He Has A Team Of Naturopaths Available For Heavy Metal Detox.

Are you thinking about safely removing your mercury amalgam fillings but aren’t looking forward to the procedure?  Maybe you’re concerned about the detoxification process after the dental amalgam revision and can not get access to somebody who is experienced with heavy metal detox and immune system repair.  I can help you achieve both mercury removal and expert detoxification while you enjoy Oahu.  Hawaii is world famous for it’s world class beautiful beaches, amazing resorts, unique fusion cuisine, and many other wonderful sites and activities.  Dr. Tony Kim is a highly trained holistic dentist with extensive experience in complex dentistry.  Come visit Dr. Kim at the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii Specialty Group to have your dental vacation or dental holiday.

There are many people who want to remove their mercury amalgam fillings safely to minimize exposure during the removal process and to stop the continuous exposure to mercury vapor released from the amalgams.  We use the IAOMT safe mercury removal protocol to minimize mercury exposure.  We have an IQ Air Hg Dental vacuum which is a top of the line unit for the most effective protection.  While using the safe removal techniques, you can enjoy watching movies or listening to music.  Aromatherapy and heated shoulder pads can help you relax.  And for longer procedures ask about our massage therapist.  You can receive dentistry in the most comfortable way possible.  Once done with the initial dental procedure, we’d like to offer you an appointment with one of our medical partners so you can receive IV vitamin C, glutathione and to get heavy metal detox if necessary.  We can also arrange for acupuncture to further aid the detox and immune support.

We have medical and naturopathic partners who can offer a full range of heavy metal testing and detox.  Ideally, an appointment the same day or early the next morning would be the best time for the immune system boost and we can schedule the appointments ahead of time to make that work.  Naturopathic doctors on Hawaii have many of the same prescribing privileges as their medical doctor counterparts so they have access and can perform more procedures than naturopaths in other parts of the United States.  So you can receive the highest quality in dental and medical care while you are on Oahu.

There are many wonderful vacation destinations that offer low cost dental tourism.  From my own experience, I’d say the vast majority of all large cosmetic or reconstruction cases that I’ve seen that come from low cost dentistry countries are sub par with moderate to significant problems.  Of course, there are many cases from the United States that can also be considered barely clinically acceptable or even substandard too.  Just remember, the most expensive and the worst cases are the ones that you have to have redone.  I’ve found quite a few popular destination in other countries which have beautiful websites and boast highly trained dentists or specialists only to find many complaints on scam or angry consumer websites.  Most of the complaints come from cosmetic smile makeovers or dental implant dentistry.  Our focus here at the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii Specialty Group is the deliver dentistry in the most comfortable way coupled with the best medical detox procedures in Hawaii while you enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Please use the “Contact Us” section if you’d like to schedule a consultation via the internet.